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XLNce awaits...
Deploy your tools carefully to spelunk with the best of them! You have the power to reshape the caves you dive through, even as you move through them. With XLNT planning and XLNT timing you'll open more treasure chests than you could dream of.

How to Play
XLNT is played with two windows open; XLNT itself, and the Excel file where you can edit levels. Every time you make a change in Excel, it is mirrored in XLNT - even when you're in the middle of playing!
  1. Each level provides you with a different number of blocks. You can use only these to try to overcome your challenges.
  2. You must have exactly five points to open the chest - no more or less.
  3. Your player character always moves onward - the only thing about her you can control is her surroundings, which in turn affect her movement!

(Blocks include floors and walls.)
a = add (points) = A star that gives you a point every time you touch it.
e = end (chest) = A chest that you are intent on looting!
f = floor= A surface that supports and/or blocks the player.
i = in (portal) = A portal that teleports you to another part of the level.
j = jump = A spring that bounces you up into the air.
o = out (portal) = Where you end up when you enter a portal.
r = reverse = A square that changes your direction.
s = spike = A row of spikes that will kill the player if touched.
w = wall = A surface that supports and/or blocks the player.

How does this improve Excel literacy?
XLNT requires many small changes across a wide space, some of which are timing based. This encourages the player to familiarize themselves with Excel's keyboard shortcuts. For young players, it gets them comfortable simply working in Excel spreadsheets, and even older players can be encouraged to do more with Excel by seeing it integrated with a fun game.

Install instructions

Where To Find the Editor Download the .zip, unzip the contents, open the .exe file, and then navigate to ProjectXLNT>ProjectXLNTData>Excel>GauntletLevelEditor.xlsm

Then open the sheet corresponding to the desired level (keep in mind 'Free Play' is Level1)


This is an early version, and sometimes the excel file has a sharing permission issue. To fix this, just cancel the error, and navigate to a different sheet then return to the desired sheet.


ProjectXLNT.zip 24 MB


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Hello! I'm the programmer of this project. I know there are some bugs and issues abound in this game. Treat this comment as a thread for bugs and questions, I'll do my best to address them!

Also please keep in mind this was a month long student project with just two developers, go easy on us <3